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Una has been carved out of Hoshiarpur district of Punjab in 1966 where the hilly areas of Punjab were transferred to Himachal Pradesh and the whole area is warm. It shares its borders with Kangra, Hamirpur and Bilaspur and acts as a gateway to these regions. Efforts are being made to develop some places in Nangal and Bhakra areas.

Location: Himachal Pradesh
Main Attraction: Baba Bhar Bhag Singh Mela
Places of Interest: Chintpurni Temple, Bangana-Lathian-Piplu, and Dera Baba
Best Time To Visit: July to September

Chintpurni: 75-km
Chintpurni Temple:

It is located on Dharamshala-Hoshiarpur road on a ridge. Thousands of devotees visit this temple every year. The main fair is held during the 10 days of "Shukalpaksh" in August.

A winding road goes up to the temple dedicated to 'Bhagwati Chinmastika' or Goddess 'Chintpurni' who grants all wishes. A popular place of pilgrimage, Chantpurni is about 75-km from the town Una and 100-km from Jalandhar.

Along with hundreds of mythical legends about the origin of a temple in different parts of India, the very popular temple of Chintpurni temple is of the same type. The legend is that one 'Bhagat Mai Dass' was a great devotee of Durga deity and worshipped her with great devotion and never bothered over mundane affairs. He was a married man and his family along with others had shifted from Patiala side to village 'Rapoh' in Una district of Himachal Pradesh. The legend is that one-day Bhagat Mai Dass was going to his father-in-law's place and felt tired while by a jungle and slept under a tree. He had a dream: a young girl appeared before him and wanted him to stay there and worship her. He woke up in bewilderment. He came back to the particular spot from his father-in-law's place and went on praying to Durga. The girl appeared this time in human form and told him the whereabouts where he would find her in the form of a 'pindi' (a round stone-ball). He should install the Pindi in a temple. The Devi blessed him that he would have no fright, as it was a 'Devasthan' (site of Gods) though so deserted. She disappeared and Mai Das discovered the Pindi and installed it in a temple. It is believed that the place is where the toes of 'Gati' goddess had fallen being cut off by the 'Chakra' of Vishnu Lord, when he was cutting away the pieces of Sati's dead body carried by Lord Shiva in his 'Tandava Nritya'. The Pindi represents Sati's feet and is a manifestation of her. Chintpurni Devi is believed to fulfill the desires of a person who comes there and devotedly worships her.

The temple is very popular and attracts thousands of pilgrims every year. The jungle has almost disappeared. The Mantram repeated in the 'Puja' is said to have been revealed by the Devi herself when she appeared in human form.
The main fair is held during the 10 days of "Shukalpaksh" in August, in addition to many other religious festivals. In recent years the temple has been renovated with the help of major donations from devotees all over the country.
Bangana-Lathian-Piplu: This area falls on the Una Barsar- Hamirpur road. Piplu is situated on the top of Sola Singh Dhar from where the view of Gobind-Sagar Lake is fascinating. This area attracts tourist during the winter season especially, when they propose to visit other religious places like Jogi Ponga and Naina Deviji.

Dera Baba Bharbhag Singh:

The place has famous Gurudwara where thousand of Sikhs visit every year to receive the blessing of Baba Bharbhag Singh, who was a saint and established this Gurudwara which was earlier known as Dera. It is about 40-kms from Una town and one can reach this place by bus directly or by train upto Una or by air upto Chandigarh. The Gurudwara is situated on the top of the hill and is surrounded by Ecyluptus trees.

A famous fair also known as Baba Bhar Bhag Singh Mela is held at Dera Baba in the month of February in honour of Barbhag Singh ji who was reowned for his magical powers. This fair is held at the time of holi and is famous for the treatment of mental problems and is unique fair of its kind in the country. A large number of visitors suffering from mental problems come to this fair and are treated at the gurudwara by the priest called 'Masands'.

Rail: Una is well connected by broad gauge rail.
Road: Una is approachable by road from Shimla, Chandigarh and Pathankot.

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