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Matanga Hill Travel

Matangi Hill, which commands a spectacular attention, is the most talked hill in Hampi. Matanga Hill is one of the holy places described in the epic Ramayana as the hermitage of Saint Matanga.

Matanga mount is the perfect spot to capture an aerial sight of Hampi and its surroundings, being the highest peak. Those who are adventurous enough to try trekking, Matanga hill is a perfect hillock with the northern region having a trekking route connecting the Hampi Bazaar with the Achyuta Raya’s Temple.

The rooftop of the Veerabhadra Temple at the summit is the best suitable place to enjoy the beauty of sunrise and sunset of Hampi. Growing crowd is a feature of this place, with relatively a bigger crowd witness sunset than to see the sunrise.

The whole Matanga Hill tour is free of entrance fees or camera charges.

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