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Hampi Bazaar Travel

The street facing the Virupaksha temple is Hampi bazaar, or Virupaksha Bazaar. It consists of rows of shops showcasing numerous products which one can pick up.

Both sides of the street have a series of very old pavilions, some single storied and others two storied. These buildings were once the part of a booming market and house of the upper class.

This bazaar is well-known for jewels prepared by the Lambani nomads and also for embroidered textiles. Shopping here is interesting - one can purchase shawls, skirts and bags among other things. One could also get antique coins as mementos and other artifacts.

A massive bull statue called Nandi is located at the east entrance of the street. A photo gallery, with photos of the Hampi sites and ruined structures, which are taken by Alexander Greenlaw in 1856, is functioning here in this bazaar.

Most of the Hampi's tourist accommodations are located in this bazaar.

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