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Hampi Travel Guide

Hampi, the city of ruining and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the major historic places of South India. Once upon a time, it was the imperial capital of the dominant Vijayanagara Empire. It is currently a ruined town with full of antediluvian palaces and garrisons.

Hampi was built by Harihara and Ukka in 1336 AD and was celebrated for marvelous palaces, holy temples, gigantic forts, markets, big pavilions and stables of royal elephants. It is a hub of many monuments, nearly 500 in number and each of which has a story to tell. It's a case of a marvelous past history reaching the elevation of grandeur and then stumbling to a decline of non-maintenance and utter neglect. It is, however, a flourishing paradise for tourists. The area of Hampi is circumvented by the passionate river Tungabhadra in north and other three sides by rough rocky steadiness stones.

There is a marvelous worth to the ruins of Hampi even after 650 years after the empire of Krishna - Devaraya has been forgotten into history. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has been doing hard work to renovate the structures in Hampi. Hampi is an dwelling of architecture and culture with lot of ancient temples and memorials. Hampi is a consecrated place for the Hindus as it is Pampakshethra - home of Pampa, the daughter of Lord Brahma and married to Shiva. During ancient times, Hampi had been a expanding commercial center, with the trade of cavalries and gems. Wonderfully, it is said that diamonds were sold on the streets! At present, Hampi’s economy is predominately hinges on agricultural and mining. The area is extremely rich in manganese and iron ores. With the position of a World Heritage site, tourism is another major component of economy in Hampi.

The people of Hampi celebrated numerous festivals all around the year - both cultural and religious. The most noted festival is the Vijaya Utsav, also known as Hampi Festival, continued for three days during November. This is a cultural fair attracting many tourists, demonstrating special puppetry shows, music and dance accompanied by fireworks and a procession climaxing the end of the festival.


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