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Padavali and Bateshwar Travel

Padavali is famous for the magnificent temple built on the fortress of Padavali. The temple displays classic architecture, which can be equated with any of the famous temples.

This marvelous temple depicts the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu, Ram Leela, Krishna Leela, Mahabharat, marriage of Lord Ganesha, and Samudra Manthan. The image of Lord Shiva dancing in the cemetery in Preta form is a specialty of this beautiful shrine. An abode of numerous Hindu gods and goddesses, devotees will be enriched with devotion by the holy darshan.

The Bateshwar valley is famous for the numerous temples, most of which are in a ruined condition. The popular belief is that the statues found here are the creations of the Mother Nature. The valley is blessed with lustrous greenery, which makes the surroundings serene and mesmerizing. Situated in a strategic location near to Padavali, the Bateshwar valley attracts thousands of tourist every year.

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