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Man Mandir Palace Travel

Built in the 16th century, Man Mandir Palace at Gwalior occupies a significant place in Indian history. A heartrending ambiance of graciousness and valor of those days still loiters in the silent chambers this royal mansion.

Worn out by the passage of time, the interior of the palace is nearly empty. The exquisitely designed tiles adorn the exterior of the palace. The only fascinating feature in this palace is the nicely carved stonewalls of the vast chambers. One among the important spot in this palace is the Jauhar Pond, where the Rajput ladies committed sati. The circular prison in the palace had witnessed the brutal murder of Murad by the hands of his own brother.

Though the palace had not survived the beatings of time, it hold its elegance and lend a hand to the visitor to go back to the medieval period.

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