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Shankardev Kalashetra Travel

The Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra, as the name suggests, is a platform, huge canvas to be precise, for the local talent to fill up with the colours of various art forms. The place is named after the Vaishnav saint and an avid integrator of the Assamese society Srimanta Sankardeva.

This multi-Arts complex located on the on Shillong road was started in 1998 to promote the local dance, drama, music and art talent. Sankaradeva himself a great artist (saint, poet, scholar, social reformer and preacher) is an ideal person to lend his name and motivate the talent.

The kalakshetra houses a museum, an art gallery, an open-air theatre and traditional Vaishnavite temples. It is also possible to scan the local handicraft produce and bargain for a good deal.

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