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Guwahati Travel Guide

Gauhati or Guwahati, the former capital of the state of Assam was originally known as "Pragiyotishpura" which means “The Light of East”. This city with an altered history dating back to the 6th century is also the most highly-developed and significant city of Assam. The name fits Guwahati remarkably due to its terrain and structure and with the river Brahmaputra cutting the city into two halves the city exemplifies a miniature Assam complete with an assemblage of all inhabitants, their lifestyles and their dependence on the mighty river. However, the comportment of mighty Brahmaputra cutting its way through the city makes for a amorous and memorable experience.

Guwahati is satiate with several religious spots, green hills, tea orchards, educational institutes and Art Workshops. The tourist destination of the city with its ancient roots extends a plethora of archaeological sites, historical monuments and educative as well entertaining museums.

The archeological site sites and the artifacts retrieved from the sites make for a very concerning and exciting audience. The city provides an opportunity to interact with not only the Assamese populace but also the migrants from all adjoining states, thus making it a vivacious cosmopolitan city.

A trip to Guwahati is incomplete without glutting the taste buds with reliable Assamese as well as unique Eastern Indian food mix. The visit also necessitates acquisition of souvenirs from Assam to ornament the house. There is a wide alternative for shopping in Guwahati where the craftsmen even from remote Assam come with bag full of goodies. The Satriya as well indigenous art and craft items and bamboo and cane work goods are advocated for the sheer innovativeness, creativity and the afford ability factor.


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