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The Last Frontier Fort of Western India: Lakhpat is the last town situated at the western end of India, on the India-Pakistan border, at the junction of Kori Creek and Rann of Kachchh. Lakhpat probably, derives its name from the prosperous maritime trade, which generated a daily income of one lakh (1,00,000) Kori, an old currency of Kachchh State. Another legend says that since Rao Lakha founded it, so it is named Lakhpat. Lakhpat is a fortified town with high walls, several gates and bastions made out of hard stone. After a short period of prosperity, Lakhpat lost its maritime significance in 1851 AD, when the Sindhu River changed its course. Once a thriving town with population of 15,000, it is today a deserted town with only few families living here. Prime Attractions Tomb of Gosh Mohammed: Gosh Muhammad was a famous saint revered equally by Hindus and Muslims. A beautiful tomb was constructed using local hard black stone, after his death in 1855 AD. It is an octagonal, domed structure with four entrances.

Location: Western India on India-Pakistan Border, Gujarat.
Founded By: Rao Lakha.
Main Attractions: 'Tomb of Gosh Mohammed, Gurudwara.

The corner pilasters, foliated arches on each side, doorjambs and niches are exquisitely carved using floral motifs and the tree of life. Inner walls are decorated with verses from the Koran using beautiful calligraphy.

It is one of the sacred places associated with life of Guru Nanak Sahib, the founder of the Sikh religion, as it is believed that he embarked for Haj to Mecca from Lakhpat. The Gurudwara here was constructed to commemorate this event, and it is visited by Sikhs throughout the year. Other interesting structures at Lakhpat are the mosque, a structure for keeping 'Tajia' (a Muslim religious float) and number of Hindu temples.

Kalyaneshwar Temple:
The Kalyaneshwar temple is situated close to the Koteshwar temple at the edge of a sacred square 'kund'. The 'kund' gets filled up during high tide. Hindus bathe here and perform 'shraddh' (ritual ceremony after the death of ancestors).

Narayan Sarovar:
(49 kms from Lakhpat) Narayan Sarovar is one of the five holy lakes of India, the other four being Mansarovar in Tibet, Pushkar in Rajasthan, Pampa in south India and Bindu Sarovar in Siddhapur. It is located 2 km away from Koteshwar on Kori Creek. This lake finds mention in the chronicles of Alexander, the Great. In 1550 AD, the temple priest constructed the embankments and ghats on all three sides of the lake except on east. He also constructed separate compartments for bathing, using carved stone jails. The wife of Rao Desalji, Vagheli Mahakunwarba, constructed the Laxmi Narayan temple and Trikamrai temple in 1734 AD to put the Narayan Sarovar at par with Dwarka. She donated several villages for the upkeep of the temples.
Other temples at Narayan Sarovar are Adi Narayan, Goverdhannath, Dwarkanath and Lakshmiji.

(52 km from Lakhpat) Koteshwar is a famous place of pilgrimage located at the farthest tip of western India at the Kori Creek. A pilgrimage to Koteshwar and Narayan Sarovar is considered a must for any devout Hindu. The Chinese traveler Hieu-en-Tsing (640 AD) described the town as a flourishing port, 5 miles in circumference, at the mouth of the Sindhu River. It had 80 monasteries and 5000 monks, out of which nothing survives today. The present day Koteshwar is a fortified town with high wall and gates. The inscription shows that the present fortification and temple were renovated in 1820 AD by rich merchants- Jetha Sivji and Sheth Sundarji. The Koteshwar Temple complex is dedicated to Shiva. The white painted high wall at the seashore, the high Shikhara with saffron flags and series of domes make a perfect location for a Shiva temple. Within the temple there are images of Hanuman, Ganesha Revati, Parvati and Swayambhu Shiva Linga.

Air: Nearest airport is Bhuj (151 kms).
Rail: Nearest railway station is Gandhidham (210 kms).
Road: Ahmedabad (547 kms), Rajkot (369 kms) are connected by road.
Local Transport: non-metered auto rickshaws only at Narayan Sarovar. Where to Stay Accommodation is available in dharamshalas at Narayan Sarovar only.

Note: A visit to Lakhpat is recommended only to the adventurous traveler, as there are no proper facilities for food and accommodation. Tourists should arrange their own private transport, as the state Transport bus frequency is very low.

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