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Gopalpur Travel Guide

Gopalpur, also named as Gopalpur-on-Sea, is a beach town in the Ganjam district of Orissa state in India. It is situated in the realm of Bay of Bengal in Indian Ocean. It is renowned as a popular tourist destination in Orissa. An 18th century Krishna (Gopal) temple built in this fishing village was the source of the name Gopalpur.

Gopalpur is accredited with a majestic past and the ruins of the ancient commercial port are the living symbol of its grandeur past. Gopalpur is a historically important town, tailored with the rule of British East India Company. This was an important merchandising centre during British Rule. The city was vivacious with many ware houses and commercial activities in the port. The port had the centre for the sale of Rice from Rangoon, Burma.

Present Gopalpur is a tranquil and beautiful beach town with tourists clustering to its lap to enjoy the natural beauty of the soft sandy beach. It is a most sought-after beach in Orissa by the people who look for reclusive vacations. Gentle wheat sand dunes, coconut groves stashed away a beautiful style and eye catching with green palms, the bewitching beauty of the sea and the pleasurable climate make this prominent beach a destination for thousands of tourists every year. The beach festival, which is taken place every year under the auspices of Government of Orissa, is a major attraction here.

One can savor the splendour beauty of sea, the rare chance of experiencing among the varied culture of fishermen community and the powerful sea fishing experiences. The delightful cuisine made out of sea fish is another attraction to pass many days in this mighty beach. One can lounge around the soft beach, enjoying the mighty breeze and pleasing warm. The beautiful horizons of high tide waves accomplishing to the top of racing yacht can never be disregarded by any visitor of Gopalpur-on-Sea.


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