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Gokarna Travel Guide

A small town on banks of Arabian Sea, Gokarna, literally entailing ‘Cow’s Ear’ is a temple tourist attraction in the Uttara Kannada district of the Karnataka. As per Hindu mythology, Cow has a particular religious place as Mother Earth. It is conceived that Lord Rudra (another name for Shiva) was sent to Patalaloka by Brahma (the creator) to change repentance. He eventually came out from the ear of a cow called Prithvi synonym for the Mother Earth and thence the name of Gokarna. Thus, this place served Rudra as a womb and so, this place is also called as Rudra Yoni and Adi Gokarna. Gokarna is laid at the ear-shaped confluence of two rivers Gangavali and Aghanashini a natural beautiful scene anybody can never forget.

Gokarna is town of demarcations as it is a temple town and also a tourist destination. Gokarana is a famous pilgrim's journey centre as well as a tourist attraction for those who want to navigate the cultural heritage and beauty of India. Gokarna is referred to in a number of Hindu historical literatures.

Gokarna is acclaimed as Mukti Stala, the place where Hindus come to perform their obscurity, after the death of a close relative. Gokarna is also observed in the Shrimad Bhagawat Purana as being the home of the two brothers Gokarna and Dhundhakari.

Around the town rest a number of beaches and these serve as a major attraction for holidaymakers. This coastline is beleaguered by natural beauty of five beaches (Gokarna beach, Kudle beach, Om beach, Half moon beach and Paradise beach) and hills alongside the traveler can choose his favorites for himself. This is not a place to hurry. One should just wander up the coast, enjoying the scenic beauty of this coastal area and wonderful culture holidays of India.

Gokarna is full of coconut and palm trees, blue seas and clean sands. It is an appealing town with two main streets with shops and traditional tile roofed brick houses.


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