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Sri Nagueshi Temple Travel

Shri Nagueshi temple is one of the most ancient and most revered temples in Goa. The inscriptions on the temple entrance declare the temple construction in 1413 AD (1335 Shalivahan Shake). The temple dedicated to Naguesh / Lord Shiva has a sculpture of Nandi the Bull vehicle Shiva at the entrance. The worship hall as well as the sanctum have been intricately designed and decorated using wood and carved pillars. The carvings depict stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata.

The five storied lamp tower (Deepastambh) and a water tank (Kund) which displays the reflection of the Lord in the Sanctum when the lamps are lighted. Moreover, being untouched by any invading vandals the temple is also considered as an archeological marvel.

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