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Sri Mahalsa Temple Travel

The Mahalsa temple in Goa is one with an amazing legend to support. The joint efforts of Gods and Asuras to churn the ocean for Amrit (Immortality potion) yielded results however the Asuras almost won the Amrit pot during war till Vishnu decided to turn out as Mohini and allure the Asuras to hand over the pot to the Gods. The temple is dedicated to Mohini. This temple built in 1567 has a seven storied lamp tower (deep maal) and a deepstambh (Light tower) 12.5 m high and considered to be the tallest in the world is located.

The temple interiors are intricately carved into wooden pillars. The main hall has painted representations of 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The sanctum boasts of a silver frame doorway and an idol of deity draped in yellow and red silk saree.

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