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Government Emporia Travel

The Goan local handicraft and arts have evolved over the period and a fusion of the Portuguese and Indian style is quite remarkably prominent in the art-form of Goa. The Government Emporium is a platform provided for the artisans to display their work and coordinate with the buyers.

Intricately beautiful artifacts, colorful masks, wooden toys, cotton and shopping bags, table mats made from sisal, coconut or pineapple raw fiber are a major hit amongst the buyers. Excellent terracotta and brass items also find a place in the Emporium. Crochet and embroidery, Batik prints, stone carving, Coconut shell carving, metal embossing, cotton dolls, woolen tapestry, Brass Metal Ware, Wooden Laquerware/Wood Turning, Crochet & Embroidery, Bamboo Craft are a few of the specialties which are encouraged by the Emporium.

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