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Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary Travel

Ever dreamt of observing wild animals gazing at you after a hearty gulp of water early morning or late night as you perched atop a Machan / watch tower and safely admire the nature's creativity and grace? The Cotiago Wildlife Sanctuary with its multi-storied forests which block even sunlight from reaching ground is the place to visit and fulfill the dream.

Created in 1968, along the border of the states of Goa and Karnataka the park boasts of two rivers the Talpona and the Galjibaga River. With 30 meter high trees, 18 meter high treetop access ladders and numerous water holes Cotiago provides a rare opportunity to observe Wild boars, Gaurs, Monkeys, Deer, Bison, Black Panther, Sloth Bears, Gazelles and Porcupines from a close quarter.

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