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Ganapatipule Travel Guide

Ganapatipule, an enchanting village in Maharashtra, is significant to the Indian nationalists as it is the place of birth of the leader Lokmanya Tilak. It is a sleepy village in the district of Ratnagiri situated in the southwest of Maharashtra in India. Since the village is not affected by commercialism, the Arcadian beauty of the village is aroused many times. There is a 6 kilometer virgin beach on the wonderful Konkan coastline.

It is the feeling of the locals that the village of Ganapatipule is sanctified. In the days when men were devotees and miracles happened, the four Dwardatas were received to the sub-continent and Ganapatipule is considered to be the western deity.

According to legend, once a villager was escaping from the clashes and when he made his way through the jungles he bumbled on Lord Ganapati’s idol. He constructed a temple around the idol. From the past 400 years, people have been giving care and making additions to the shrines and the temple is how it looks today.

The village of Ganapatipule is famous for its 400-year-old Ganesha temple. The idol is arched from one massive rock. The idol is a Swayambhu Ganpati shrine which entails that it is a self-created stone of Lord Ganesha.

The village has a handsome beach where the river encounters the Arabian Sea and the hill that is moulded like Ganpati enchants the tourists. The climate of Ganapatipule is dampish and humid but at the same time it is healthy also.


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