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Faizabad Travel Guide

Faizabad can be called as a medium sized city or a grown over town that has held its magnificent history and proudly delivers its colorful past to every visitor. The town itself has an account of over 250 years and the culture, attitude, hospitality and milieu speaks volumes concerning the legacy handed over to this wonderful town. A major town in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Faizabad is located on the banks of River GhFaizabad, a small confluent of the Ganges.

The town Faizabad was established in 1730 by the Nawab of Bengal, Ali Vardi Khan. Later Shuja-ud-daula announced it as the capital of the Kingdom of Awadh. The town prospered under his kinship and attained unexceeded glory. The magnificent days of Faizabad were satiate with visits by several Nawabs and construction of many artistically complex edifices and monuments which still stand tall. Nevertheless, this great capital fell out of disceptation and Lucknow took over it as the capital city. The fame and successfulness faded but the magnificent past has left an unerasable mark on the town.

Apart from being a historical as well as culturally crucial bastion, Faizabad is also well acknowledged due to its proximity to the city of Ayodhya, the birth place of Lord Ram, the venerable Hindu King.

The city itself features of a plethora of historical attractions and the people of Faizabad exhibit their famous hospitality to every tourist. Extremely delightful cuisines and innovative fabric products have been elaborated and authorized down through multiplications and the markets of Faizabad are luxuriant with savoury cuisine disseminates and fascinating cloth material. Any travel across the town is bound to reap rich dividend in the form of excellent gastronomical satisfaction as well as the happiness of shopping delight at perfectly reasonable bargains.



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