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Shri Ballaleshwar Ashtavinayaka Travel

Durshet is a famous and spiritually awakened place, nestled between Sarasgad fort and River Amba. Flanked by all around greenery, Durshet is the only place where an Astavinayaka temple is known by its devotees name. Built in 1760 AD, the deity in Ballaleshvara is clothed like a Brahmin.

The east facing temple complex is tiled and it encloses two lakes. This pretty shrine has two sanctums and the inner one is rather big, which houses the Idol of Vinayaka. The 12 feet high outer sanctum has a rat idol with Modak in his hands and it over looks its master in the inner sanctum.

The 40 feet long and 20 feet broad hall, ornamented with beautiful pillars, and the European made big bell adds more charm to the serene ambience of the shrine. Sitting on a stone throne, with shining diamonds fixed in the eyes and naval, the Balleleshvara at Durshet is brings peace of mind to the devotees.

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