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  Karnataka>>Sadashivgad Fort>>Historical Attractions

Sadashivgad Fort Travel

Sadashivgad is a small village across the Kali River, once a known trade centre, ruled by the erstwhile kings of Kadambas and the Marathas; and later by the Portuguese and the British.

An abandoned fort, assumed to be built in 1698 by Raja Sonde, on a hill top of 200-ft-high, which affords an eyeful of nature’s beauty, and a Durga Devi temple attracts many people. The Durga temple, assumed to be built in 1665 AD and visited by Shivaji at the Dargah of Karimuddin Ghouse Jilani, is highly attractive and has an archaeological value.

One can settle down on a rock, relax, take a meditation, breath purest of pure oxygen and take in the scenic beauty around. The long running hill ranges, the confluence of the sea and the Kali, the fishing boats, and all other gifts of nature.

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