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Majnu ka Tilla Travel

Majnu ka tilla is a place in Delhi that is visited by many tourists throughout the year. The place has no connection with the traditional folk lore celebrating the love of Laila Majnu. At the spot on the banks of river Yamuna where the Majnu ka Tilla is situated, lived a Muslim fakir. He fasted frequently, lived a strict life and was shabbily clad. This fakir came to be known as Majnu, was a godly personality, who had many followers. Guru Nanak blessed him and told him that it was not essential to fast and survive austerely to reach God. One could lead a normal life and yet be close to God.

This place came to be known as the Majnu ka Tilla and many pious persons started visiting Guru Nanak at the Tilla to listen to his dissertations. This place thus has religious importance.

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