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The city has a great history of centuries that encompass the bravery and valor of the legendary Pandavas and the might and wisdom of the Mauryans kings. A briefing of Delhi’s history would remain incomplete if there is no rendering about the great rule of Prithviraj Chauhan. As the last ruler of Hindu empire, this man helped a lot to mould Delhi in to a vibrant and sprawling city. After him, his kingdom was the strong hold of various dynasties like the Slaves and the Tughlaques.

Later the Mughals coloured it with their great love and affection for art and literature. After the first war of Indian Independence, this historic city began to play a major role in the hands of the enduring British people. It was in 1911, Delhi had been officially recognized as the capital city of British India. This sprawling city has witnessed the rise and fall of so many strong holds of power. Starting from the days of the epic period to the 21st century, Delhi played a significant role in the entire history of the nation.

Neatly compartmentalized into two, the Old Delhi and the New Delhi, this city exhibits unique features. Bestowed with a splendorous history, Old Delhi portrays its Mughal era with its all glory. The tapered lanes of Chandni Chowk, the Juma Masjid, Red Fort reveals the patronage and compassion of the Mughal rulers towards art and architecture.

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