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Cultural life in Delhi is clothed with colorful festivals and ceremonies. Since the city is a cross section of the Indian society, Delhiites celebrates all most all festivals with much enthusiasm. Delhi Festivals symbolize the ethnicity and custom of the entire nation. The significant Festivals in Delhi are Dussera, Diwali, Maha Shivaratri, Baisakhi, Lohri, Holi, and Christmas.

Diwali and Dussera gains slight prominence among the other festivals. Dussera commemorates the victory of Ram over Ravana. It marks the triumph of virtue against vice. Renowned as the festival of lamps, Diwali is an occasion when the entire city would be glittered with the brightening light of diyas and candles. Although India holds a meager population of Christians, Christmas in Delhi is a spectacular event.

As the capital city of a great nation, Delhi boast of so many important fiestas and ceremonies. Among the various celebrations, Independence Day and Republic Day mark a remarkable significance. During the Republic Day parade, vivid picture of a vibrant democracy can be witnessed in the colorful plots of different states. Most amazing and appealing attraction of the Republic Day parade might be the exhibition of gallantry and valor of the armed forces of India.

Affluent in terms of enriching cultural institutions, famous art galleries and museums, Delhi glistens and glees with various events all through the year. This city has been regarded as the seat of flourishing culture over centuries. A thriving center for upcoming artists, this city proffers enormous opportunities to fortune seekers in cultural fields. Music festivals, art exhibitions, dance recitals, cinema and theater city life is full of enthralling art performances which offers a perfect podium for not only the artists but also the onlookers. An effervescent and inspired center of all art forms, Delhi presents a glittering façade of contemporary art life of India.

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