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  Uttaranchal>>Dehradun>>Art & Museum

Chetwoode Hall Travel

The name Dehradun reminds one of the celebrated institutions of the Indian army - the Indian Military Academy. A renowned institution, which gains credentials from world wide, Indian Military Academy boasts of the rich tradition of the vast force of India.

India is considered as the 5th largest nation with regard to its military power. The Indian army is fully equipped with the most modern artilleries and sophisticated ammunitions. These arms and ammunitions are displayed in the little but marvelous Chetwoode Hall adjoining the Academy. A wide range of artifacts that is paraded beautifully, in the elegant military ambiance is very interesting. Apart from the straightforward displays, the museum also holds video clippings, which describes the use of these various armaments. Surely enough to quench the curiosity of anyone, this museum is a prestigious wing of the Indian Military Academy.

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