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Dehradun Travel Guide

Dehradun is one among the oldest cities of India famous in the world for its natural bounty. A historical town in the lap of the majestic Himalayas, this middling town is now the capital of the newly constituted State of Uttaranchal. A rambling city, which is dotted with allures scores of picnickers, picturesque places. These places embrace rambling gardens, well-regarded temples, parks and verdant landscapes.

A significant province under the erstwhile Garhwal rulers, this hilly terrain is also famous as the abode of Drona, the mighty guru of the Kauravas. The city features numerous legends about it and most of them are related to the great Indian epic of Mahabharata. Dehradun is a city with excellent certification in the field of knowledge and information. Its notable academic institutions received worldwide honors and some of them are existed from the time of the British Rule. This posh city with an array of good quality boarding schools, the town presents a hustling appearance. This vivid place is an ideal hotspot for those who really want to take adventures in their life. A wide range of adventures is in offer in this hill station. With enormous places for paragliding, skiing, angling and river rafting, Dehradun captivates the adventure buffs.

A tour in Dehradun renders one with the memorable charisma of immaculate sceneries that would stay with one for a long. It is quite sure that the pouring streams, deep ravines, glistening valleys and most of all the lofty outlined mountain ranges of this hilly resort would inadvertently hold one’s breathe.

Most voguish hill resorts in India, this quite mountainous town is also renowned for its export quality Basmati rice and it is often regarded as the splendorous entryway to other hill stations in the Himalayan region. With its winding roads, rolling hills the evergreen valleys and colorful fruit orchards, Dehradun appears amazingly vibrant and thrilling.

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