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DajipurTravel Guide

Dajipur dwells among thick forestation. It is situated at the end of the Sahyadri mountain chain. The end of the mountain range breaks down to the flatlands of Karnataka in the south. To the west lies the coastal region of Konkan. Dajipur Bison Sanctuary is situated on the edge of Kolhapur and the Sindhudurg districts. It is an attractive spot and is laid near the backwaters of the Radhanagri dam. The destination is so enchanting that it attracts visitors from far and near.

Dijapur is an attractive jungle resort with some very good landscapes. It is preponderantly broken and mountainous. The place has some impenetrable forest which houses wild animals like bison, wild deer and chital. Some stranger birds are also found here.

The position of Djipur is such that it is entirely reclusive from human inhabitation. This elicits the exotic beauty of the place. A pleasure holiday in the area of the Gagangiri Maharaja's Math makes a delighting expedition. The jungle resort is a gorgeous adventure holiday escape and is placed 1200 meters above sea level. The place is perfect for wildlife buffs. There is a wonderful trekking shack and it feeds a very pleasant outing for relaxation. A trip to Dajipur builds one realize the accord and the cooperation in which nature functions. Everything is contingent on everything else. The early mornings, with the cool breeze, accompanied with the sound of the birds, complied by animal droppings, and pug marks makes one find as if it is heaven on earth. A holiday to the jungle is a cool experience.

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