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Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary Travel

Bhitarakanika is a living locale for quite number of living wild organisms such as Pythons, Crocodiles, Rhesus Monkey, Wild Pigs, Sambars, Spotted Deer, King Cobra, and many more. People visiting the sanctuary can see the Crocodile Breeding Farm at Dangmal. The major striking and spotlighting factor of this wildlife sanctuary is that it holds the White Crocodile Sankhua, which is a scarce type of species in the World. Among the 72 species of Mangroves found around the world, Bhitarakanika holds around 63 species. Rhizophora, Exocaeria, Soneratia, Avicinia, Phoenix and Heriteria are some of the unique species that has to be mentioned. Tourists can enjoy seeing these unique species.

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