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CuttukTravel Guide

Cuttack is one of the oldest cities in India which is the capital state of Orissa. Earlier Cuttack was called as Abhinaba Baranasi Kataka! With the magnificent status in the commercial trace and rich land, Cuttack has owned a very good reputation and recognition in Orissa state. The city covers an area of around 3932 square kilometer and Cuttack is the administrative headquarter of the territory. The town is located at the peak of the delta constituted by the river Mahanadi to its north and Kathajodi to its south. Cuttack is an excellent and outstanding tourism spot as it holds quite several impressive attractions to visit. Tourist can spend a relaxing time in Cuttack and make their trip the most memorable one!

Cuttack got marked improvement with the system of education once after the occupation of the British. The long-standing historical significance and the modern development of the town, has turned the city as the best-loved tourism spot. People visiting to Cuttack can purchase plenty of Orissan’s handicraft goods. Most of the items will be kept for sale on the roadsides and streets of the town.

Cuttack is well-known for its stone embankment on the riverbanks, is an excellent engineering workout of the 11th century AD. Also, this is a most outstanding paradigm of antique technological abilities of Orissa. The city Cuttack in the Orissa region is a bustling and active town that functions with the brisk activities all the days. Moreover, tourists visiting the place can make their divine visit to temples and shrines thereby can spend a pleasant time of their trip.

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