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Coonoor Travel Guide

Coonoor is situated in the south Indian State of Tamil Nadu. This tourist destination is renowned in the world for its famous hill stations of the Nilgiri hills. It is a famous tourist stop as it provides an impressive view of the lush green Nilgiri hills. It is also famous for its tea plantations as the surroundings were very conducive to growing prodigious tea. In fact, traveling the plantations and taking walks through the tea gardens is on of the draws to the area.

The impressive views of wildflowers are another preferred thing to experience in Coonoor, as is bird watching. It is usual to be able to see such birds as cormorants, pipits, skylarks, Nilgiri verditer, thrushes, and parakeets. The variety in the area is not limited to only these, though. The area surrounding Coonoor provides the complete landscape for such activities as trekking and hiking.

The area gives an impressive view while traveling out in scenic nature. It is possible to go through the area around Coonoor while selecting a ride on the local toy train. This train links to Coonoor with other hill stations that are situated in the Nilgiri Hills. This train ride furnishes some breathtaking views of the Nilgiri hills.

The destinations around Coonoor have been used as the background for several movies made by Indian and foreign filmmakers. Most famous was when it was used as the backdrop for the 1984 American film “A Passage to India” by David Lean. This movie was based on a novel by E. M. Foster.

Amaravathi Dam

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