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Satbis Deori Temple Travel

Satbis Deori temple, pronounced as Sat-bis-Deori temple, is a Jain shrine located inside Mohar Magri in Chittorgarh.

Mohar Margi is a huge structure constructed in 1567 during Akbar’s, the great emperor of the Mughal dynasty, invasion of Chittorgarh. This huge mount was raised to a height such that one could fire the canons directly into the Chittorgarh fort. Satbis Deori temple has an attractive structure and visit of this temple enable the visitor to bring back the Jain culture and beauty of the artistic carvings into his mind.

Attractions including Tulja Bhavani temple, Singar Chauri and Naulakha Bhandar, all are inside Mohar Margi.

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