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Sukhna Lake Travel

This manmade lake lies in the base of the majestic Shivalik range and is a desired picnic location these days. This 3 km long artificial lake is constructed by preventing the flow of the Sukhna Choe stream. People gather here in the morning to rejoice in the cool gentle wind and the splendor of nature. A pleasant walk through the shores of this dazzling lake, relaxing in the calmness of the pristine water is a much loved activity of the town people.

To pursue the challenging activities like yachting, boating, and water skiing one would not get a better place than this magnificent lake. The lake has the finest ever channel for rowing and yachting and that make it as the venue of Asiatic level Rowing Championships.

A pictorial spot, this pretty watercourse is a safe haven for exotic migrant birds, which makes this place a delightful location for bird watchers. The chirping of these bird folks fills the surroundings with melodious music. If one wants to rejoice in a great place Sukhana Lake would be the foremost option in Chandigarh.

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