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Chandigarh Forest Travel

An abundant resource of flora and fauna, the thick woody jungles of Chandigarh is a national treasure. In terms of wild life this garden city adorns a significant place. A vast expansion of 3245 hectares of land is swathed under forest cover, and it is copious with a rich wild life. With its hilly topography and profound resources, two national reserve forests in Chandigarh are a natural habitat of so many endangered species in the animal kingdom. Nepli and Kansal, the reserve forest in the city is the prominent places where one can spot most of the wild animals.

These thick forests with the imposing woods and lush greenery make the dwellings of the animals in favourable surroundings. With the permission from the forest department, one can roam around in this profuse reservoir of wild life. If interested one can use the facilities provided in the rest houses adjoining to the forest offices.

The soothing experience of camping in the wilderness is a mesmerizing experience, which will definitely take away the tensions of the busy life. Apart from this, the joy of seeing the giants in the animal kingdom in their natural environs is really an unforgettable adventurous experience. While camping in the wilderness in the jungle, one can spot a wide range of feral animals such as neelgais, antelopes, jahares, jackals, hyena, and even leopards. In order to prop up Eco friendly tourism, the district administration organizes excursions and treks in these forest areas to generate consciousness about the plant and animal life of this region.

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