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Vajreshwari Temple Travel

On the trip to Chamba you should visit the various temples that add to the beauty of Chamba. Some of these temples like the Vajreshwari Temple were built in the ancient times of Raja Sahil Varma.

It is believed that the Vajreshwari Temple is more than thousand years old. There is no historical documentation to prove this but the locals believe that it is very old. Some say that it was built in the eleventh century AD. The temple is dedicated to goddess Vajreshwari, the goddess of lightening.

The temple is located in the northernmost corner of the town, at the end of the Jansali bazaar. The architecture of the temple is the distinct shikhara styled. In this style of architecture magnificent shikhars (domes) are constructed on the roofs of the temples. The temple has two erected pillars at the entrance. These pillars are inscribed with short tree lined carvings. One of these pillars is inscribed with the records that Raja Udai Singh carried out some renovation work at the temple. This work was commenced on the 17th day of Asadh. Apart from the main Vajreshwari Temple, tourists can visit the two smaller temples located on either side of the shrine. Both these temples are built in a simple manner, but are worth visiting.

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