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Bhuri Singh Museum Travel

The town also houses Bhuri Singh Museum which was founded in 1908 by the farsighted Raja Bhuri Singh (1904-1919), one of the rulers of the erstwhile princely state of Chamba. Named after the king himself, Bhuri Singh Museum houses a rich collection of epigraphs and other relics of the past. Several other sections pertaining to art and craft were gradually added to museum.

An exquisite collection of miniature paintings was transferred from the king’s palace to the museum, as were the documents of historical value from the state archives.

The collection was catalogued by Dr J. Vogel. His catalogue of the Bhuri Singh Museum (1909) and Antiquities of Chamba State, Part-I (1911) involved a lot of research.

Official records reveal that Alexander Chunningham, the great pioneer of Indian archaeology, visited Chamba and Bharmour in 1839 and drew attention of the people to the rich cultural wealth of Chamba.

After more than six decades, Dr Vogel, Superintendent, Archaeological Survey of India, Northern Circle, carried out systematic explorations in Chamba from 1902 to 1908 which led to the discovery of Sanskrit inscriptions both on stone and metal.

The museum exhibits Pahari miniature paintings, illustrated manuscripts, stone sculptures, fountain slabs, wood carvings, ancient coins, inscriptions on stone and metal, historical documents, textiles, cultural anthropology, manuscripts in Sanskrit and photographs. Sculptures, terracotta items, paintings, coins etc. from various parts of the country have also been included in the museum’s treasure.

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