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BR Hills Travel Guide

This beautiful tourist place is located on the south eastern edge of Karnataka. It is at a height of 5091 ft and assists as a link between the Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats. Drained by the Cauvery and Kapila rivers, BR Hills is a tourist’s paradise. The diverseness of the vegetation is mind blowing. It has evergreen, deciduous, dry and scrub and even high-altitude vegetation.

Tourists can anticipate coming across some rare plants and trees. The copious vegetation of BR Hills in turn confirms a wide form of fauna. There are a lot of different types of animals wandering lazily through the forests of the region. The place is also home to a large number of exotic birds. Tourists can expect to have a great holiday sighting the different animals and birds they had only heard of!

This place is dwelt by the Soliga tribe. They are a semi-nomadic tribe and live in the insides of the region. They engage in shifting cultivation and keep moving from one place to the other within the forest. Holidaymakers can purchase the many local crafts that they sell. There is a coffee estate in the region which was initiated by a foreigner. Holidaymakers can definitely give a visit to this site. Some other tourist spot in the area is the Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple devoted to Lord Ranganatha. There is a car festival of the deity held every year. Pilgrims come from far off places to take part in the festival. BR Hills, with its pleasing ambience makes for an ideal tourist destination.

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