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An important Buddhist site, Kesariya, a small town, is located in the city of Champaran. Huddled on the eastern banks of the River Gandak, Kesariya has a magnificent past that spans several centuries. Of paramount importance to Buddhists, it has occupied a focal position in the history of Buddhism. After Lord Buddha announced his final departure, the Lichhavis were overwhelmed with grief and set to follow the Lord uptil Kushi Nagar, his final resting-place. Lord Buddha, during his travel from Vaishali to Kushinagar had spent the night at Kesariya and gave the Lichhavis his alms bowl. Lord Buddha forbade them to follow him and in order to stop them, created an illusion of a river in spate, which finally compelled them to retreat. This place is identified as kesariya, where Emperor Ashok, later built a stupa.

Location: Champaran District in Bihar.
Situated On the Bank of: River Gandak.
Must-See Places: The Stupa, Deora.
Famous As: A Buddhist Site.

The crown jewel of the Champaran district, according to the famous Persian book of the Mughal Empire, namely, Ain-e-Akbari, Kesariya, occupies a pivotal place in the economic domain of the district. The ornamentation of Deora, and its development into a tourist spot, will be instrumental in restoring the ancient and historic glory of Kesariya.

The Stupa:

To commemorate the stay of Buddha at Kesariya, where he landed before his final departure to Kushi Nagar where he achieved his ‘Mahaparinirwana’, Ashok, the emperor, built a stupa. It was here that he bade good-bye to Lichhavis.


Located two miles to the south of Kesariya Block Headquarters, Deora is the main attraction of Kesariya’s golden history. Presently, occupying a tall mound of brick and earthen debris, this place is very associated with important facets in the life of Lord Buddha.

Shivalingam in the Bhagvan Kesharnath Temple:

A priceless treasure of ancient times at Kesariya, is this lingam that was discovered during the canal excavations of 1969. According to local belief, the lingam bearing resemblance to the one described in Agni Purana, is believed to belong to an ancient temple. Its significance increases markedly in the month of Shravana, though the devotees throng the place on Mondays and Fridays on a regular basis.

Gandhi library:

This vibrant Library, housing many priceless books, is very popular in the educational arena of Kesariya.
Dhehkanha Math: Kesariya was an important cultural centre in the past, which is well reflected in the ‘Dhekanha Math’. Its history spans two hundred years. This ‘Math’ is situated seven kilometers towards south of the Block Headquarters, in the village of Dhehkanha. The city of Kesariya has played a very important role in the freedom struggle of our country. Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, had come to the Kesariya, during his tour of Champaran against the indigo plantations. The Non-Cooperation Movement started by Gandhi had a deep and extensive impact on Kesariya.

Air: There is no direct air connection.
Rail: There is no direct rail connection.
Road: It is directly connected with the National Highway that leads to Uttar Pradesh.

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