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Raj Rani Temple Travel

Raj Rani Temple, an 11th century ancient temple, is spectacular with the unique feature of the absence of presiding deity. The temple is built with red gold sandstones known as rajrani locally and hence the name of the temple Raj Rani Temple. No pujas are offered here.

The temple is famous for its architectural marvel; superbly elaborated temple tower is renowned for the artistic spires. Spotted with stylish and dynamically animated sculptures, the temple has beautiful carvings and figures of females in passionate forms, or occupied in actions such as looking in mirrors, holding children and playing with birds. The temple encloses verdant sculptures of Shiva, Kubera, Vayu, Varuna, Nirriti, Yama, Agni and Indra.

Raj Rani temple is famous for the striking ornate sanctum with walls and pillars ornamented with stunning nymphs, lions, elephants and amorous couples. It also has the figures of various postures and forms of Yama, the god of death. This is a nice place to view the verdant beauty of ancient sculptures.

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