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Dhauli Giri Travel

Dhauli Giri is historically an important place near Bhubaneswar. Dhauli Giri is adorned with a rock edict erected by the Great Emperor Ashoka of Maurya Dynasty. It was here in the plains the gruesome battle of Kalinga War and afterwards the remorse of the king had taken place. After the war Ashoka renounced all bloody battles, embraced Buddhism and became an ambassador of non violence. The edict here inscribes many of Ashoka’s preaching.

The edict in Dhauli Giri, installed in an ancient time dating back to 3rd century, is preserved remarkably. Dhuali Giri presently bears the symbols of Buddhism with the universal symbol of Lord Buddha, the sculpted elephant topping the rock edict. This is a good tourist destination for historians and peace lovers.

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