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Bhimbetka Caves Travel

One among the most desired tourist destinations, Bhimbetka Caves, in the state of Madhya Pradesh are bounded by the Vindhya mountain ranges. These caves were the dwellings of the aborigines of pre-historic times, which encompass marvelous paintings from Paleolithic to Medieval era. These paintings act as a glittering edifice that showcases the progression of human race in the course of time.

These caves, which range up to a maximum of 600 caves, are famed for the exquisite cave paintings. Out of the 600 caves, only 12 are accessible to the public, which presents some of the oldest paintings in the world. The painting presents a close proximity towards the indigenous rock paintings of Australia, cave paintings of Lascaux in France, Bushmen cave paintings of the Kalahari Desert.

Concealed in the midst of teak and sal forests in the weathered crags, these caves were discovered by, Mr V S Wakankar in 1957 and they have gained much accolades with in this short span of time. The sand stonewalls of Bhimbetka caves are ornamented with primeval native paintings and symbols that portray the daily life and ethnicity of the Stone Age people.

All the paintings and ciphers are classified into seven categories and the paintings exhibits a skillful presentation of events in the day-to-day life of the people lived in the caverns. The modish of the paintings of different periods is so diverse that one can easily distinguish between them. Huge linear figures of animals like bears, tigers and rhinoceroses belonged to the Paleolithic age. By the passing of time, the paintings befell smaller, and the artistic quality has shown little more creative. This fabulous depiction of events boasts of paintings that date back to 12000 years old. Natural red and white pigments used in the frescos managed to keep its vibrancy in its original charm.

The stockades of these caverns are the silent testimonials of the history of our ancestors who once toddled on this land. Bhimbetka caves are a perfect day-long jaunt, which allures the onlooker with its mesmerizing frescos.

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