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Bhimbetka Travel Guide

Confined by the northern adornment of the gallant Vindhyans, Bhimbetka in Bhopal is qualified by rock-strewn geographics with dense woods and rumpled precipices. The biggest repository of antiquated knacks in India, Bhimbetka is a draw back of serenity and harmony for the picnickers. One of the naivest dwellings of human race, Bhimbetka boasts of a history of 35000 years old.

In fact, the place has found a cultural sequence right from the late Stone Age to the early historic period. The aureate paintings that depict the living styles of primeval mankind are definitely a treasure house of information and a precious narrative in the history of man. As the name itself proposes, this historic place is closely related to the legendary figure Bhim, the second in the Pandavas. The popular impression is that, it was here that Bhim took a brief rest during his expatriate. The word Bimbetka literally means Bim’s lounge.

A wonder in the archaeological perspective, Bhimbetka is ornamented with the laurels of being the richest depository of prehistoric paintings in South Asia. It is the 21st place in India, which is declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Rock Shelters at Bhimbetka exhibit the earliest traces of human life in India. Archeologists are of the opinion that these caves might have been invaded over 10,000 years ago.

These pictures portray the modulation of primitive man to a cultured human being. These paintings, which excavates the expectations and scruples the inhabitants of the caves enchants every visitor with its liveliness. It is quite astonishing to note that the artists had shown great skill in depicting the sequence of events in his artwork. A wide range of activities is being exemplified on the walls, which ranges from frescos of animals to the portraits of woman.

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