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Doddamakkali Nature Camp Travel

This is an isolated place tucked away 7 km away from Bheemeshwari. Tourists can trek up to this place and spend a quiet day before returning to the town. The Cauvery River flowing through the region comes here and collects into a pool. Since there is no current the pool is ideal for Thripura.

There are 6 tents which are located around the place and this is perfect to spend some time in isolation. This is one place which must be visited while touring Bheemeshwari. Tourists can explore the unexploited beauty of the region and return feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

The activities here are similar to the Bheemeshwari Camp. Day visit costs Rs 850/-, while stay in the cottages cost Rs 1,600/- per person per night. Prices includes Stay, Lunch, Dinner & Breakfast, Coracle Ride, Joy Fishing, Guided Trekking, Forest Entry Fees, Camera Fees and Taxes.

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