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Bhandardara Travel Guide

Bhandardara is a dainty holiday hangout on the hills and an excellent place for trekkers. It is a calm, quiet and serene place with lovely picnic spots. Bhandardara nuzzling amongst the Sahayadri's is an ideal stopover for tourists going to or coming from Shirdi.

As Bhandardara is in the midland regions of Maharashtra, extreme changes in the climate can be experienced. The summers being very blistering and the winters are very cold. Attire by the people of this place is worn according to the climatic conditions. Cotton clothes are favored in summers while woolen clothes are used in winters. The languages spoken by the people of Bhandardara are Marathi, Hindi and English.

Bhandardara, set at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level, is situated on the banks of the Pravara River. The place is invested with striking view. The area extends a unique chance for nature based tourism. The place can be navigated by those who wish to break up from the hustle and bustle of city life. Nature lovers and trekkers would be fascinated at Bhandardara as there is a lot to see and do. The area is sprinkled with forts and history.

Bhandardara, situated in the Ahmednagar district, is one of the finest jewels of Mother Nature. Bhandardara with the luxuriant green vales and the clear sky help one in associating more with themselves. It is more enchanting in the rainy season with the trees soaked in rain and dew drops sticking to the leaves. The place shows with faultless preciseness the magnanimousness of the nature.

Umbrella Falls

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