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Parnasala Travel

Parnasala is a village situated in Andhra Pradesh, India. The village is accessible by road and boats and is situated 32 km from the temple town of Bhadrachalam. According to legend, it is said the Lord Sri Ram spent some of the 14 years of exile at this location. The local belief is that Sita had taken her bathe in the nearby streams here and they say that the imprints in "Radhagutta" justifies their faith. Another story about Parnasala is that it was here that Lord Ram killed Maricha who came in masquerade of a golden deer to swindle Sita.

Parnasala, a popular picnic spot in the suburbs of Bhadrachalam is believed to be the place where the demon king Ravan abducted Sita Devi. A tiny hut, which portrays the major events of Ramayana with flamboyantly painted sculptures of Sri Ram, Laxman, Sita and Ravan is the main attraction in Parnasala.

A place of great historical and religious significance, its tousled and ramshackle state would make the devotee pain stricken. Still, there is much in Parnasala to rejoice. The tiny tribal settlements, extensive greenery of the lush paddies, and roads fringed with beautiful trees in the majestic background of the holy Godaveri River are enough to please the wandering tourists.

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