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Bhadrachalam Travel Guide

Bhadrachalam, a temple city in the State of Andhra Pradesh is a famous pilgrim centre in South India. A splashy place, where the majestic River Godavari found meandering with its vast extend of sand, is considered to be very holy since it is believed that many events in the great epic Ramayana had taken place here.

This shining city with enormous temples seizes the attention of thousands of devotees throughout the year. This tribal village acquired its present name from Bhadra, who was a great lover of Lord Ram. A rather sleepy locale, Bhadrachalam awakes to life at the glorious occasion of Sri Ramanavami celebrations when large folks gather here to witness the holy wedding of Lord Ram and Sita. The majestic Godavari River, which whips the city as a glittering festoon adds the serene and tranquil ambiance of this historic town. This holy river puts up most of the sacred shrines of the town in and around its banks. Apart from its sanctitude this riverbanks are a perfect place for a pleasant walk.

A scenic place whose beauty bewitches the tourists and the locals alike, a travel to Bhadrachalam makes a fantastic experience to every one. The most interesting part of the picnic would be the enticing voyage through the magnificent Godavari in a motorboat. The eight-hour tour through the crystalline waters, which retroflexes the surrounding greenery coupled with the natural warmth of the kittenish wind makes the boating in this holy river enthralling and refreshing. The itinerant sands of the river make the boating more lively. An overnight stay on the banks of the river in tents is really thrilling and is an added attraction of the boating. A small mound beside an enforcing river, in the midst of exuberant greenery and gurgling streams this hidden treasure presents the pristine beauty of the nature as such.

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