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Bekal Travel Guide

Bekal is a small area with doting attraction located in the shoreline of the Arabian Sea in Pallikare village in the district of Kasargod of the state Kerala. The district of Kasargod is the northernmost region placed in the Kerala State. At the time of Perumal age, Bekal was a division of Mahodayapuram. The Kodavalam inscription of Bhaskara Ravi II, the king of Mahodayapuram illustrated the noncontroversial political swag of Mahodayapuram over this region.

Pursuing the political declination of Mahodayapuram Perumals in the 12th century AD, the region of northern Kerala and Bekal were acclaimed under the reign of Kolathunadu. The nautical significance of Bekal gradually rose to a greater extent under Kolathiries and it decorated as a major port town of Thulunadu. The financial and economic value of the port town prompted the Nayaks to reinvigorate Bekal consequently. Manjeswar and Thaliparamba were captivated by Somashekhara Nayak and it was set to build a new fort.

Bekal is a substantial tourism spot that has quite several outstanding features. The place is renowned for its scenic beauty that grabs the attention of the tourists from several different places. Bekal is cognized for its unique charm that holds quite several attractions and it offers the traditional Keralite hospitality to its visitants. Bekal is splendid and posh place to visit during the vacation time, as you can enjoy the pleasure of being feathered by nature. Bekal has become the prospering and major tourism spot and they have been given great importance by the tourism department of Kerala. People visiting Bekal can take the specialized rejuvenation to keep their mind and physique fit.

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