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Badami Travel Guide

Badami, formerly a majestic capital of the Chalukyas is now a sleepy town in Bagalkot district of Karnataka. The town was known as Vatapi antecedently. It is adjudicated in a valley at the base of a furrowed, red sedimentary rock that rings Agastya Lake. Badami has full of tourist attractions in the form of cave temples, entryways, fortresses, dedications and carvings. The Chalukyas who had governed Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh during 6th and 8th centuries had Badami as their capital. The greatest among the Chalukyas was Pulakeshi II who ruled between 610-642 AD. He defeated many kings and Mahendra Verman I, the Pallava king, was one among them. The state was established by him in 540 AD.

The ancient Chalukyas of Badami are recognized with some of the best customs of Dravidian architecture accommodating an observational blend of older South Indian temple construction and embellishment and the Nagara mode of North India. This beautiful coalesce of south and north passed on into the Dravidian temple building pattern. Badami is the site of the 6th -7th century Brahmanica and Jain cave temples.

The temples are cut off of solid rock with expatiate interior decorations that address volumes of art and architecture of that period. There are 4 cave temples linked with each other with a flight of stairs. People of Badami speak Kannada, Hindi and English. Their attire is conventional Indian cotton wear. It is a place for tourists who are interested in temples, art and architecture

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