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Chauki-ki-Masjid Travel

The Chauki-ki-masjid is one of the masjids and dargahs that are scattered in and around the old city of Aurangabad. The Chauki-ki-Masjid was built by Aurangzeb’s uncle. It was built by Shayista Khan who was Aurangzeb’s uncle in 1665 A.D.

The Chauki-ki-masjid has five pointed arches in front. It is two arches deep. The arches are connected by eight pillars. They support five domes.

The central dome is elevated and has a metallic steeple. The other domes are hidden in the roof. Minarets at the corners can also be seen. The complete structure has a high basement which contains chambers. These chambers were used for shops and opens on the roadside

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