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Arunachal Pradesh

Malinithan Travel

Malinithan is a temple site in ruins. It is situated at the foot of the Siang hills under the Likabali Sub-Division of West Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh. It is only 1-Km east of Likabali, the nearest administrative centre.

Location: 1-km From Likabali, Arunachal Pradesh
Main Attractions: Ancient Ruins Of A 14th -15th Century Durga Temple.
Best Time To Visit: April To October

Likabali: 1-km Silapathar: 10-km Akashiganga: 12-km
Leelabari: 110-km North Lakhimpur: 109-km Itanagar: 189-km

Ruins Of Durga Temple:

Relics of stone images of Malinithan came to be noted from the early twenties of the present century. In course of series of excavation from 1968 and ending 1971, ruins of temples and valuable scriptures were unearthed at this site. The fame of Malinithan as a holy place of worship draws a large number of visitors and pilgrims. The site excavated has beautifully designed and decorated basement of a temple, divine images, icons of deities, animal motifs and floral designs, carved columns and panels. These rich granite sculptures that are discovered belong to 14th -15th century, the more important being 'Indra' on Airavat or Airabat (elephant), 'Surya' (Sun God) on Chariot, Mayurasan (peacock-seat) along with more than 100 Gods And Goddesses, dancing Yakshi, Images of erotic twins on the arch and a huge 'Nandi' bull. A Shivalinga, made of falic stone is also present over here. The temple at Malinithan is dedicated to Goddess Durga and is built on the classical tradition of Orissa.

A Legend:
According to a Purana, on the way to Dwarka from Bhismaknagar (also spelt as Bhishmaknagar), Sri Krishna with his newly married wife Rukmini Devi begged blessings of Goddess Parvati. Devi Parvati greeted the newly married couple with wreath. So unique was the stringing of the garland that overwhelmed Krishna called Devi Parvati as " Sucharu Malini", meaning, and a lady who strings garlands beautifully - hence from Malini to Malinithan being the name.

Air: The nearest airport from Malinithan is Leelabari or Dibrugarh in Assam. A helipad is also situated at along.
Rail: Nearest railway station is Silapathan, Assam.
Road: One can reach Malinithan by bus or car from Guwahati (Assam), as well as by bus from Itanagar.

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