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Khammam is an ancient town and its history can be traced from the early centuries of the Christian era. It is an important seat of administration even as far back as 1299 AD and was under the rule of the Kakatiyas of Warangal. The most important place of interest in the town is the massive fort constructed on the hill known as Stambhadri. The city appears to have derived its name from this hill. The stones of the hill were tall and capable of supporting the ceilings of temples and Mantapas. As 'Stambhams' (supporting pillars) could be made out of these stones of the hill, the town was also called 'Stambhadri', 'Stambhagiri' and 'Khammamett', the last of which is a Telugu translation of Stambhadri. The name of the place Khammamett underwent a further change in course of time and it came to be known as Khammam. The legendary Muneru River flows past the city. It is a trade and commercial center having inward and outward traffic in a variety of items.

Location: In Khammam District Of Andhra Pradesh
Ruled By: Kakatiyas
Nearby Attractions: Bhadrachalam, Kinnerasani Sanctuary, Somavaram, Nelakondapalli
Main Attractions: Khammam Fort, Lakshminarasimha Temple

Elgandul: 10-km
Kaleshwaram: 72-km
Vemulawada: 35-km


Khammam Fort:
This fort is located on the Stambhadri hill and the stones of the hill were tall and capable of supporting the ceilings of temples and 'Mandapas' here.

Lakshminarasimha Temple:

The chief places of Hindu worship in Khammam are the shrines of Stambhadri Lakshminarasimha and Venkateswara also known as "Balaji". Of these, the temple of Stambhadri Lakshminarasimha, located on a big hill is an ancient one. There are two ponds, one at the foot of the hill and other on the top of it. The latter is so big that its banks appear to be two hills and it provides shelter to huge aquatic animals. The stone image of sage 'Moudgalya' is to be seen on this hill shrine.

Bhadrachalam set amidst thick forests is famous for the temple of Sri Rama. The town itself is built on a bank of the River Godavari. The annual festival held here on Sri Ramanavami day is attended by thousands of pilgrims from all over the country.

Kinnerasani Sanctuary:
Lying on the right-bank of the Godavari River, this sanctuary has a wide variety of animals and birds; including tiger, leopard, and sloth bear can be seen here.

31-km from Khammam, the Wyra Dam, built across the River Wyra, is located close to this village.

Nelakondapalli is also famous of being the Birth Place of "Kancharla Gopanna, "popularly known as "Bhakta Ramadas". There were some very ancient temples in the village. The old Residence of Bhakta Ramadas was named as "Bhakta Ramadas Dhyana Mandir".

The Kalyanotsavam of Stambhadri Lakshmi Narasimha celebrated for five days during April-May is widely known festival attended by thousands of devotees even from the neighboring districts.

Air: The nearest airport is at Hyderabad, which is 257-km away.
Rail: Khammam is an important railway station in the district from which several important express and passenger trains pass through, connecting it with all the important places within and beyond the state. It has 3 Junctions and the Chennai to Delhi railway line passes through Khammam.
Road: Private and government bus services are available from major cities and towns of Andhra Pradesh. For local transportation, buses, taxis, auto and cycle rickshaws are available.

Climate: Tropical
Temperature Range (deg C):
Summer- Max 42, Min 23.2

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