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Anaimalai Travel Guide

The small town of Anaimalai survives near an ample supply of wildlife. Such animals as panthers, crocodiles, tigers, elephants, spotted deer, civet cats, and wild boars are discovered in the region. Legion birds are also in the area. It is potential to spot such birds as the Malabar pied hornbill, black headed oriole, rocket-tailed drongo, tree pie, spotted dove, and red whiskery bulbul. In fact, the vary name of this village arouses thoughts of wildlife, since the name's translation means elephant hill.

This destination of Anaimalai is situated in the Coimbatore Hills district in the state of Tamil Nadu, the biggest attraction for tourists in this area is the noteworthy beauty of the natural landscape that is there. Many different shades of green make up the dense forest of this area. The village itself also has some fabulously interesting history.

Anaimalai is one of the eight consecrated Jaina hills. Right by the village there is a natural cavern that contains legion positions that are located both inside and outside of it. There is a Brahmi inscription on the external wall that is dated back to the 1st or 2nd century. This inscription states that the berths were gifts from Nathan of Kunrattur made in honor of three monks named Eri Aritan, Attuvay, and Arrattakayipan. This is a rather strange find since this village was not acknowledged for being a lama center until the 9sth century. It was around that time that various stone sculptures began to be carved into the rocks by earnest local people.

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