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Hanuman Mandir Travel

Dedicated to the Monkey god, Lord Hanuman, this pretty shrine depicts the main deity in a sitting posture. Holding great religious significance, it is believed that it was here Lord Ram performed his Ashwamedha ceremony. The local belief is that, a daily darshan in this temple fulfills every wish of the devotee. The huge idol of lord Hanuman makes a mesmerizing impact.

Since this temple has a close connection with the great epic Ramayana, the temple premises is echoed with the chanting of hymns from Ramayana all the time, which provides a soothing feeling to every visitor.

The couples who are bestowed with a male child with the blessings of Hanuman offer their children to Langoor Sena are regular scenery of the temple. Other fascinating attraction of this holy shrine is the languor dance of the devotees.

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